måndag 8 juni 2009

Why im abandoning MSN

Im hereby abandoing my MSN. It is whit mixed feelings i do this.
MSN has given me much fun and been a useful service. But i feel now is the time to let go of the past and embrace the future!

I know i might be shocking some of my conservative friends by saying this. But the reasons for using MSN is, imho, purely emotional. There is no (or very few), logical reasons to use MSN anymore.

I will do a short list and back it up whit arguments about WHY im terminating my MSN account.

1- Historical flashback - Remember ICQ?
ICQ. Do you remember back in the days. ICQ was the real deal. ICQ PWND!
But who uses ICQ anymore? It was by far a much better service then MSN. But something happened, people jumped to MSN instead mostly because of convinience. We wanted ONE platform to comunicate thru.

2 -Spam SPAM spam & viruses

When i logged on MSN today just to recheck priv msg i got 4 SPAM messages from friends that i know rarely use msn. Spam looked like this:

"Do you realize that If I would not have tried those acai berry pills that everyone is talking about that I would not have lost 23 pounds in just about two weeks now? Well they do work, I am living proof and they only cost five dollars over at ...."

" Wanna lose a lot of weight without diets or excercise? Kathy and I have both lost over 31 pounds in a couple weeks just by taking Acai tablets daily, the same ones that Oprah talked about on her show. They are only five dollars to try, We get them from..."

"You must have seen all those ads and messages lately about acai berry pills that make you lose weight, well I took the plunge spend five bucks to try them and its been a couple weeks and I dropped 21 pounds already, I am living proof they do work, get them now at..."

3 MSN is a microsoft product. Microsoft iz IVUL! :-P
Need i say more? My inner nerd got lots of reasons that products from microsoft are pure evil.
Evil i tell you!

4- Why use MSN - No logical reasons left?
Why shoud i still use MSN? I cannot find a single reason so kling on to msn.
*The chatfuntion is build into facebook and it works splendid.
*The video & voice function is so much better using Skype.
*People use twitter to answer the question "what are you doing?"
*We got cellphones. It so much more fun talking then chatting

MSN is part of the old. Therefore im abadoning it for the new.

CU @Cell @twitter @facebook @skype

R.I.P MSN. We had a blast.

Johannes Fridenström

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